91. P. D. Q. Bach [365 Composers for 2013]


1st April – P. D. Q. Bach

P.D.Q. Bach (April 1st 1742 – May 5th 1807) is our composer for 1st April, to mark the day of his birth.
Nationality: German
Lifespan: 65 years
Genre: 20th century Baroque
Education: Self-taught
Fame Ranking: 5

PDQ Bach is a little-known son of the great JS Bach. PDQ showed no interest in music as a child and was largely ignored by his father, perhaps because he was thought to be illegitimate. He took up composition in his thirties, most likely trying to gain something from the reputation of his family name.

His compositions can be divided into three periods, the “Initial Plunge”, the “Soused Period”, and “Contrition”. He was a deeply experimental composer, challenging the accepted musical traditions in terms of form, harmony and instrumentation. He used hybrid instruments, such as the “tromboon”, which is a combination of a trombone and a bassoon, and which produces eerie, stirring overtones. He was particularly keen on juxtaposing two or more contrasting styles for dramatic effect.

PDQ’s compositions have been widely recorded, despite being accused of “manic plagiarism”. His oeuvre includes cantatas, sonatas, orchestral works and pieces for unusual instrumental groups. His final masterpiece was his “Missa Hilarious” (No. S. N2O).

Here is PDQ’s “Eine Kleine Nichtmusik”:

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