3. Baldassare Galuppi [365 Composers for 2013]


3rd January – Baldassare Galuppi


Galuppi (18 October 1706 – 3 January 1785) is our composer for 3rd January, in remembrance of the day of his death.


Nationality: Italian

Lifespan: 78 years

Religion:/Philosophy: Catholic

Genre: Classical

Education: St. Mark’s Basilica under Antonio Lotti

Fame Ranking: 5


Born in Venice on the Island of Burano, Galuppi became famous in his lifetime throughout Europe and was known as the “father of comic opera”. In his later career, he was appointed vice-maestro at St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, and during this time he turned his hand to religious music, while also continuing to write opera. His biographer, Dale Monson, writes that during this time he was “the most popular opera composer anywhere.”

Galuppi fundamentally changed the style of opera as it had been. Up to this point, music in opera had been of secondary importance, after the drama or text, perhaps as we consider some film music these days to be secondary to the plot of a movie. Galuppi brought music to the forefront in opera, making it equally important as the acting. The personality of the characters was brought to life by the style of arias sung; the music added to the drama, rather than simply decorating it. He wrote a total of 109 operas.

Galuppi was pretty much forgotten for a long period after his death, but regained popularity in the late 20th century.


Here is Galuppi’s” aria “Son pien di giubilo” from Act I, Scene 12 from the opera “Il Filosofo di Campagna”.


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