14. Stephen Heller [365 Composers for 2013]


14th January – Stephen Heller


Heller (15th May 1813 – 14th January 1888) is our composer for 14th January, to mark the day of his demise.Nationality: Hungarian

Lifespan: 74 years

Genre: Romantic

Education: In Vienna, under Czerny and Halm

Fame Ranking: 4


If you play the piano, you’ve probably heard of Heller, as he wrote a considerable number of piano pieces including studies which remain popular amongst students and teachers today. For non-pianists though, Heller is mostly unknown.

He had a long career and his compositional style adapted throughout, to changes in fashion as well as his location. Born in Hungary, he studied in Vienna, then lived, worked and finally died in Paris. Heller was a noted pianist himself, and performed widely with tours all over Europe. From about 1883, due to deteriorating eyesight, he had to give up performing, but was aided financially by an annuity provided to him from England.

Heller’s compositions are all for piano. He was not noted for being particularly imaginative, but nonetheless his works are polished and well-suited to the piano.

Here are Heller’s “30 Etudes Melodic and Progressive”, Op.46, along with the score for you to follow.


Listen to more tracks by Heller – click the box!


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