13. Vasily Sergeyevich Kalinnikov [365 Composers for 2013]


13th January – Vasily Kalinnikov


Kalinnikov (January 13th 1866 – January 11th, 1901) is our composer for 13th January, to mark the day of his birth.


Nationality: Russian

Lifespan: 34 years

Genre: Romantic

Education: Moscow Philharmonic Society School & Moscow Conservatory

Fame Ranking: 5


Kalinnikov died young, and did not have time to write many compositions, but those that he did write remain respected in his native Russia. He had the backing of Tchaikovsky, who recommended him for various positions in Russian theatres as musical director, but as a sufferer of tuberculosis he was unable to flourish in those roles.

Originally from central Russia, Kalinnikov moved south to the Crimea to try to improve his health. It was here that he concentrated on composing, and produced 2 symphonies and other orchestral works,  plus works for voice and piano. His first symphony was well-received, and thanks to the considerably clout of Rachmaninov, many of his scores were published by Tchaikovsky’s publisher. Rachmaninov had been apalled at the conditions that Kalinnikov was living in. Kalinnikov died before all of his works had been published, but the publisher, Jurgensen, went ahead and published everything after he had died, paying the royalties to his widow. Jurgensen remarked that Kalinnikov’s output was worth ten times as much now that he was dead, and paid his widow accordingly.

Kalinnikov’s style is typically Russian in character, and is lyrical and intricately orchestrated.

This is the second movement from Kalinnikov’s 1st Symphony.


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