Reading a Score


Practice Questions on Reading a Musical Score

Look at the following score, which is the beginning of a Beethoven Piano Sonata, and answer the questions below:

grade five music theory score question

  1. What key is this piece in?
  2. Describe the time signature as compound/simple and duple/triple/quadruple.
  3. Name the curved lines in the right hand part of bar 16.
  4. Name one similarity and one difference between bars 2-10 and bars 12-20 (right hand).
  5. Give the technical name (e.g. tonic, dominant) of the highest note in the extract.
  6. Describe the chord in the final bar of the extract as I, II, IV, V or VI and give the inversion.






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  1. Why don’t you publish old question papers in this web? interested music students could solve the same and submit to you. you can assess our works and award marks. This would help the students a lot.

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