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Did you take a music theory exam yesterday? Thousands of people in the UK did, as March 4th was the first Theory exams session of 2010. There are 3 sessions per year.

Are you dying to know if you put the right anwers, what other people thought of the paper or want to ask a question about it? May be you don’t know anyone else who was doing the same grade as you?

Why not join the mymusictheory.com forum! Chat with others and compare your answers – find out if you got your terms and symbols right or wrong, or just hang out and meet our other members!

Our forum is new – it’s only two weeks old, so register now and become part of our growing community. Everyone is welcome.



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  1. I am going to take on ABRSM Grade 6 Theory exam in Hong Kong on October 2010. I am dying into it and am reading relevant textbook about the subject. Hope i am ok! All the best to those who are really interested in music theory.

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