Grade Two Lessons are Online Now


** Announcement **

Mymusictheory is pleased to announce to blog-readers that the Grade Two Music Theory Course is now available online. The course is an easy step up from Grade One and contains everything you need to know in order to do well in the ABRSM’s Grade 2 Exam.

New topics in Grade 2 include the introduction of the minor scale, triplets, rewriting music in a new time signature and of course more foreign terms! Grade 2 builds on the knowledge you gained in Grade 1.

Although all the lessons for grade 2 are complete, the exercises for the lessons are in progress – I’m currently up to lesson 6 and trying to get some new exercises up every day when possible. The complete practice test will be the last page up, and please bear in mind that there are currently no links to Grade 2 from the old site – so bookmark the page!

If you want to access the exercises before the whole set is complete, you’ll need to log in with the following information:

Username: blog-reader
Password: sneakpreview

As always, I’d greatly appreciate any feedback on the new material. Please don’t tell me about broken links though – I am aware that there will be lots until the whole course and exercises are up and functional. Please do tell me if you spot any mistakes, don’t understand the lesson or feel that something has been missed out, for example!

Hope you enjoy the new lessons.



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