New Style Update


All the Grade One and Grade Five music theory lessons have now been cleaned up and are showing off the new decor. Next up will be the exercises for each grade, and I’m aware that a few of the pages are currently broken (the answers don’t show up when you mouse-over the questions), so I’ll be fixing them too. The long-awaited Grade Five Practice Exam will also be up very soon!

The My Music Theory Home Page has also been re-styled and I’ve put a few extra bits and bobs on there for your amusement:

  • You can check out the countdown clock till the next UK Theory Exams! Currently only(!) 78 days to go till the next exam sitting on March 5th 2009.
  • You can vote in the poll – are you a teacher, a student, a music theory stalker or something else?
  • You can mess about on the mini-piano keyboard – one full octave at your disposal! (It’s right at the bottom of the page – takes a second or two to load.)
  • You can catch the latest Blog headlines directly from the homepage.

Hope you like new widgets!


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