Guide to Musical Instruments

Guide to the Orchestral Instruments – Introduction

Following on from our successful series, the MyMusicTheory Guide to Music History, our new series is all about orchestral instruments.

First we’ll take a look at how a modern day symphony orchestra is organised, and then we’ll examine each of the four families of instruments in more detail.musical instruments

We’ll take a look at how each kind of instrument produces sound, how it’s made, what its characteristics are and, of course, what it sounds like! As usual, we’ll add plenty of musical examples to illustrate each point.

We hope this series will be useful and interesting for anyone who is interested in knowing more about musical instruments, and in particular those taking GCSE or A level music, or preparing for music theory exams (where some knowledge of instruments is required from grade five music theory onwards).

Here is a list of all the posts in this series:


Part 1 – The Orchestra

Part 2 – The Woodwind

Part 3 – The Brass 

Part 4 – The Percussion 

Part 5 – The Strings


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  1. James

    Hello, maybe this is a strange request or maybe you cannot do it, but I am looking to get into Bagpipe playing and I am scouring the internet for any kind of guidance!



    1. Victoria

      Hi James!
      I’m afraid I know nothing about bagpipes, but here’s an idea – you could join the Bagpipe community on Facebook – I’m sure there will some help available in there!

      1. James

        thank you so much!

  2. Preksh

    Nice article about musical instruments.

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