Guide to Music

Guide to Music History

The MyMusicTheory Guide to music is a mini-series of blog posts covering each important musical era.

The History Of Music

There are seven sections, covering the style, composers and instruments typical of each musical period from about 500 AD to the present day.
Each article contains some Youtube videos demonstrating each point, and where possible we’ve picked clips which show a score which you can follow along with as you listen!
Click on the links to go directly to any article, or start at the beginning and click your way through in order.

Comments welcomed!

1. Introduction

2. Medieval Music

3. Renaissance Music

4. Baroque Music

5. Classical Music

6. Romantic Music

7. Modern Music

and finally… The Quiz!


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  1. kennithson m. sangma

    hi, friends, this site is really very much informative for the music students. I have just finished my grade 5 theory, i think i did well under the guidance of my music But i couldn’t find any sample examination papers for grade six as i look forward for grade 6 examination by the month of June next year. Thanks. Kennithson

    1. Victoria

      Hi Kennithson,
      You need to look on the main website – there is a whole course for grade 6 on there.

  2. moniquebliss

    This page is really much useful for everyone especially for those who gets into music course. I did not enroll in a music school, but the passion when it comes to music is in me so this site is such a big help for me too.

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