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  1. karen Johnson

    my daughter is struggling with GCSE music. She used to play guitar but gave up and is using her voice as instrument. Your course looks great. Would Grade 5 be suitable for music GCSE exam preparation?

    Many thanks

    1. Victoria

      Hi Karen, While learning about grade 5 music theory might help give your daughter a better understanding of how written music works, I don’t think it will be exactly what you are looking for. GCSE syllabuses normally cover a range of skills including performance, world music, history and composition in different genres – the grade 5 course does not go into those things. Most people who take grade 5 music theory are around grade 4/5 standard on their instrument or voice, so already have a reasonably good understanding of how to read music. The course teaches students about things like chords, scales, basic harmony, notation, simple (8-bar) composition, intervals, writing for 4 voices and so on, and really is specifically aimed at people who are actually going to take the exam – it teaches how to answer the exam-style questions, for example.

      Having said that, Grade 5 Music Theory is a qualification in its own right. It is rated at the same level (QCF level 2) as GCSE music. (See If your daughter is struggling with GCSE but you feel that she may have more success with the ABRSM exam, it is perhaps worth thinking about taking the ABRSM exam as well.

  2. karen Johnson

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply. What a shame as your course looks really interesting and a great way of learning. She just wants some help in how to structure teh exam questions at GSCE and I think you are saying that this course is different,

    Thank you very much for your help.


    1. Victoria

      Yes, it is exam specific, and I’m afraid that I haven’t been anywhere near GCSE music this century! Perhaps a solution might be to find a tutor – may be of use?

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