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  1. JO

    How many people are there usually in music theory grade 1 exams? ( In one room)

    1. Victoria

      It depends on the venue.

  2. kate stead

    Hi Victoria,
    Just reintroducing myself to ABRSM theory in order to help my 9 and 11 year old through the grade 5 exam. Both boys have enjoyed your amazing course and the revision tests. May I check whether it is likely that there will be a question on ‘Rewriting a rhythm without changing the rhythmic effect’? Many thanks for your time.

    1. Victoria

      Hi Kate – thanks for the kind words, and I’m glad my site has helped you!
      The question on rewriting a rhythm does come up quite frequently. You normally have to change the rhythm from compound time to simple time, or vice versa e.g. 2/4 (simple duple) would be changed to 6/8 (compound duple). However, you do need to remember that potentially any question from the syllabus for previous grades can also come up, so you might be asked to rewrite the rhythm at half or twice the speed of the original (e.g. 2/4 becomes 2/2 if you double the note values). In most cases the rewriting question is worth about 3-4 points and is usually only one or two bars in length.

      1. kate stead

        Thanks Victoria. That information is very helpful.

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