Jun 14

Reading a Score II


Another Grade Five Score Reading Question

The following extract is from a cello sonata by Camille Saint-Saens.
Look at the score and answer the questions below.

reading a score grade five theory

  1. The piece is in C minor. Name another key which uses the same key signature. (Answer).
  2. Name a standard orchestral instrument which could play bars 1-6 so that the music is at the same pitch. (Answer.)
  3. Give the technical name of the note in the cello bar in bar 3. (Answer).
  4. In bar 5, the notes played by the cello form part of which minor scale? (Answer).
  5. Name the melodic intervals marked with a bracket as A and B. (Answers).


  1. Rose Booth

    Hi Victoria, some of the pages are skipping – ie the how to get more marks on composition grade 5. It just automatically skips. Is there a problem? My daughter is taking her grade 5 this autumn and once she’s practised a little more I’d like her to take a look at some top tips on your website. Thank you. Rose

    1. Victoria

      Hi Rose – could you do me a big favour and email me the address page you were on and the link that didn’t work. I am not aware of any problems and haven’t seen anything go wrong myself. Many thanks!

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