Feb 14

My Music Theory Forum


We have a new forum!


What’s on the Forum?


Launched today, 14th Feb 2010, the forum is the new home for any questions directed at mymusictheory.com. I get a lot of questions emailed to me, and don’t usually get time to write everything up in html to add to the web page (although I do reply by email!). Having the questions on a forum turns them into a searchable database, which is good for everyone, and it’s much more convenient. Askers can respond to my answers and read back on the posts in a more logical way.

Also, other users will be able to add to the discussion – either with their own answers or further questions. All posts are moderated, so no idiotic answers will be allowed up, you’ll be pleased to know. No registration is currently required to post in the Questions forum.

General Theory

The general section is for any registered user to start any thread connected with music theory. Serious or light-hearted, join in and make your voice heard!


Make friends or contacts with others who are studying the same level as you. Chat about anything you like, but please remember the forum is for all ages, children included. Please don’t give out personal details, and kids, tell your parents what you’re doing. (Any posts which violate the rules will be deleted without warning.)

Music Theory Diaries

Nowhere else on the web will you find a space dedicated to your study of music theory! Start your own thread which is your “diary” of music theory learning. Keep track of what you’re studying, bookmark useful links, ask questions, ask for opinions, share stories -it’s up to you. You own your thread and can use it as you like. It’s an excellent way of recording what you’re doing, getting input from others in the same situation or from teachers, and you can review whenever you like – it’s a wonderful revision tool.

Come and register now at www.mymusictheory.com/forum/ – it’s free and simple to join. Don’t forget, we only launched this afternoon so we don’t have many members yet – please don’t let that put you off!



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  1. Anonymous


  2. Angus Murray

    I have been having problems logging into a new account set up on mymusictheory.com. All emails to info@mymusictheory.com have been reported undeliverable, there are no other contact details except the forum which itself hasn’t allowed access (no verification of email address). I am trying to contact the owner / founder of the site and wondered if anyone on here can help!

    1. Victoria

      Hi Angus, I don’t know what the problem is, but our email addresses are not talking to each other! Your email address (the jazzswing one) is bouncing from my system too – I’m unable to email you. Have you had any other issues with your email? I have not had any at this end that I am aware of. I will not be able to answer you via email using that address – do you have another one you can use to email me on? Alternatively you can message me on Facebook or via LinkedIn.

    2. Victoria

      Just to add – I’ve activated your account for you on the main site, and I’ve emailed you from an alternative address to see if that works!

  3. kennithson

    hi every musician ! we are born to create something in this world. let us try to change the world with music. let us break the barrier between nations culture custom and tradition as music of the world can make us one world.
    kennithson sangma, meghalya shillong. India

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