Jun 17

UK Music Theory Exams Approach!


The ABRSM music theory exams take place this Saturday 20th June at 10am. Are you ready?!

Good luck to all of you who are taking a theory exam this session! Don’t forget that mymusictheory offers you a free “ask a question” service – so if you have any last minute panics just send an email to questions@mymusictheory.com – I usually manage to respond within a few hours. I’ve already had a lot of emails in the last few days – please keep them coming!

One or two people have asked me recently why I don’t charge for this service: and the answer is that I just simply enjoy helping people out. I get all kinds of questions – some simple, some complicated, some bizarre and some down-right silly, but I do endeavour to answer them all. If I manage to help a few people grab a few extra marks in their exam, (or better still get a merit or distinction), then I feel like I’ve done something useful. I love to hear from candidates who have passed their theory exams with good scores after using my lessons or asking questions by email.

News from me is that I have a new arrival in my family – my baby son Edward was born on 23rd May and is happy and healthy. Lucky for you lot, this means I’m at home most of the time, so I have plenty of time for answering your questions!

Looking forward to hearing all about Saturday’s exams – good luck again if you’re taking part!


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