Jan 08

Grade Five Theory of Music Free Practice Exam


I can finally (!) announce that the “missing link” of Lesson 16, Grade Five Music Theory Practice Exam is now up, live and waiting for you to get stuck in!

The practice test is based on the ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory examination, but all of the actual material was created by mymusictheory.

The test is free – you can do it online and check your answers as you go along – just hover your mouse over either the staff or light bulb icon, and the answers will be revealed to you. You can print off some blank music manuscript paper to jot down your answers as you go along.There are 7 questions, just like in the real test.

Most of the questions do require you to write some notes or other musical symbols (like clefs or time signatures), so for your convenience, the test can also be printed off to use at home. www.mymusictheory.com is now offering the complete practice exam as part of the Grade Five Theory Complete Exercises download. This means you get 68 A4 pages of Grade 5 Music Theory exercises, with suggested answers, including the entire grade five theory test. All the blank manuscript you need is included in the pack, and it is designed to be printer friendly (i.e. black and white, and with no annoying ads or menus on the page!).

For a limited time, I’m also accepting composition answers for free marking – either composition for voice or for instrument. This applies to the composition questions in the practice exam, as well as in the general exercises for writing melodies. Email your answers to info@mymusictheory.com if you’d like a free grading. Marked compositions will be returned to you as well as published on the site (anonymously unless you prefer to be named 😉 (Please note, I don’t promise to mark ALL submissions – only the lucky few).




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  1. Anonymous


  2. Anonymous

    thank you so much
    it is the only website that i have found so far that offers a free practice exam

  3. Anonymous

    This is hard. I don't get it
    How will i ever understand all of this??????????

  4. Anonymous

    Please can someone help
    I dont get this

  5. Anonymous

    It's so easy!!! How come?I thought it is a kindentgarden test.

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